The new open air car show

2nd edition June, 8th-12th 2016

Free admission 10 a.m. to 24

Open-air Car Show


Commercial news presented by car Companies placed on platforms, Design Centres’ and Car Manufacturers’ prototypes. In an elegant and minimalist setting, cars become protagonists again in this Car Show whose soul aims to the future.


Gran Premio Parco Valentino


Car Companies' most representative automobiles headed by the legendary Lancia D50 of the historical Gran Premio del Valentino paraded through the streets of Turin centre divided into tributes dedicated to every brand that participated.

Tv and Press

Tv e Stampa

Hundreds are the articles, radio and television pieces which talked about Parco Valentino 2015, in Italy and worldwide. A rich press review for this open air Car Show that convinced the public and the staff.

An event of style and passion


An innovative event that switches the spotlights on the winning synergy between Turin and cars one more time. A four-days exhibition and celebrative parade of automotive new pieces, sport and industrial production cars at Parco del Valentino.

Organising committee

comitato organizzatore

In order to organise Parco Valentino – Salone & Gran Premio at the best, an Organising Committee has been founded. Founder members: Andrea Levy (President), Andrea Totino (General Manager), Luca Pusterla (Director of Communication).