Inauguration of the exhibition "An itinerary through the automobile history"

Inauguration of the exhibition
3 May 2018 Permalink

The exhibition is realized with the collaboration of Motul and dedicated to the public: it goes through the history and evolution of the Brands and will be shown under Via Po porches from May 3rd to June 15th. Its title is "An itinerary through the automobile history" and it is made up of panels hanging from the porches, each of which is dedicated to a Brand, with its foundation date, the picture of its first vehicle and the photograph of one of the latest models launched on the market. From Mercedes-Benz, born in 1886, to Tesla, founded in 2003, in a path that retraces the stylistic and engineering evolution of a symbol of modernity that represents the freedom of the mankind: the automobile.

The exhibition has been inaugurated with Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino, that declared: “It will be a celebration that gives Turin the chance to be seen in its best light: from June 6th to 10th our city steps forward as the modern capital of the automobile, since it is the international headquarter of design and engineering centres and of a know-how valued all over the world. In its 4th edition, the Turin Auto Show is going to become a real widespread exhibition, with many locations that host dynamic events and focuses, like the one on electric and plug-in cars”.

The gallery of the photographic exhibition is available here.