LINGOTTO District - Special Motor Show

LINGOTTO District - Special Motor Show
7 Giu 2019 Permalink

Saturday 22 June from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm a fascinating and curious itinerary awaits you to discover the LINGOTTO, once the site of the historic FIAT factory and today the icon-district of the Auto District, Design & Food and Wine with an incredible guided tour that touches all the symbolic places of the past, present and future of Turin!

The tour will start from the fascinating Automobile Museum, a link between past and future in which vintage cars and futuristic prototypes are kept, all set in a unique architectural context and enriched by suggestive installations.

Going on, you will go up exclusively on MITICA PARABOLICA TRACK - made known by a cult film like Italian Job but born to test the cars exiting the assembly line - and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. A guided tour in the ICONIC heart of the Automotive now converted to create luxurious hotels, a congress center and the splendid Pinacoteca, cultural heritage of the Agnelli Family.

The tour will end at Eataly, where the first Vermouth Carpano factory once stood and where today you can visit the curious Museo del Vermouth and finally savor the history and excellence of the Tempio del Gusto with an "Eatinerante" and greedy aperitif among the production laboratories on sight!

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