Photo exhibition and prototypes by GFG and Pininfarina at Turin Airport

Photo exhibition and prototypes by GFG and Pininfarina at Turin Airport
18 May 2018 Permalink

The second location of "An itinerary through the automobile history" photo exhibition has been prepared at the arrivals of Turin Airport. The exhibition has been inaugurated on May 3rd at Via Po and describes the evolution of the most beloved Brands retracing their history with the date of foundation, the picture of the first produced vehicle and the image of one of the latest models launch on the market. From Mercedes-Benz, born in 1886, to Tesla, founded in 2003, in a path that recalls the stylistic and engineering evolution of a symbol of modernity that represents the freedom of the mankind: the automobile.

The exhibition is enhanced by two exceptional prototypes:

Sintesi, born in 2008, is the proof of Pininfarina design team’s creativity and of its well-known ability to anticipate stylistic and technological solutions. The concept includes all the values of the Company: the aesthetic sense that creates ageless beauties, the research that explores new ideas for the future, the use of technologies that join shape and functionality. The most advanced applications of smart mobility systems and of "Liquid Packaging" are included in Sintesi, a method that allowed designers to free their creativity.

Techrules Ren, presented at Geneva Motor Show 2017, is a high-performance prototype designed by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro together with their Turinese design team GFG Style. The style of this three-seats sport car with central driving is characterized by ultra-modern lines sculpted by the wind: here beauty is functional to aerodynamic, as the three curves of aeronautic inspiration prove.

The exhibition will be at Turin Airport until June 12th.